Shipping Containers and Farming

September 18 2018

Shipping containers now a days have so many uses! From custom home builds, retail shops, pools, and even underground bunkers, these shipping containers are durable and made to last!

The farming community seems to also be benefiting from shipping containers! Shipping containers are great for storing hay and farming equipment. Just add some shelving and you’ve got yourself a nice organized workshop.

Shipping containers can also be modified into tiny homes for the different farm animals on site. I really like this idea, as it seems to be very cost effective for the local farmers.

The thing I’m seeing the most of however is actual farming within the shipping containers. It offers Precision growing, less water, less fertilizer, no pests and a turnkey agricultural system. They also keep you out of the unpredictable weather conditions and offer’s you energy efficient LED’s along with Multi-layer Hydroponics. This allows for very consistent organic growth of the produce! Two companies that produce this product you can check out are Local Roots farms and Cropbox. I’ve heard great things about both companies!







If you’re in need of a new or used shipping container to your residential, business, or farm Container Professionals can assist you with that getting you wholesale pricing and making the shipping container available for self pick from one of the many depot’s across the U.S. or we’d be glad to schedule with transport and handle everything for you!