Humanihut: A Shipping Container Emergency Shelter

December 19 2016
Shipping Container Bomb Shelter

A shipping container can be great for emergency shelter, but how and what do we put in them?

With tens of millions of refugees around the world being displaced by grueling civil wars, persecution, and natural disasters, the need for sturdy and scalable emergency housing solution is a very real and immediate problem. A problem that we in First World countries must take up and solve. One startup believes it has found the answer. They are easy to transport and provide a near-instant shelter and housing.

“Humanihut” is a South Australian startup that develops an all-in-one emergency shelter, and did so in the course of three years. They provide more than just walls for refugees, it includes a roof, toilets, showers, electricity, and laundry facilities.

16 of the Humanihut shelters fit into a standard shipping container, which allows for easy transportation and easy construction. They can be constructed in minutes, and an entire “village” can be set up within just a few hours.

Each Humanihut measures 7.3 meters long by 2.4 meters high with solar panels on the roof and has wiring for 110V outlets. It also has tables, benches, a sink, a water purification system, and heater.

It’s easy to forget about the very real problems of people when we live a comfortable life in the U.S.A. As the late and great Nelson Mandela once said, “To deny people their human rights is to challenge their very humanity.”

If you want to learn more about Humanihut, be sure to check out their website and support them here!

What better way to provide people with shelter, than with inexpensive and scalable shipping containers. You recycle old material to be used in a new and positive light. Do you need a used shipping container for your next project? Contact Container Professionals to get your hands on a shipping container so that you can enjoy your new pool!