Self Storage

January 26 2018

The need for extra self storage is something I think we can all understand. Spaces at home or the office continue to fill up with stuff and we run out of places to put it but yet we cant imagine selling it, giving it away or just getting rid of it, even when we know we should.


If this is you, don’t worry you have options!

The one thing that has been around for as long as we can remember is good old fashion self storage at designated self storage facilities across the United States. You pay month-to-month for an 8 x 10ft space or smaller and depending on where you live costs over a $100 a month. You tell yourself I’ll have it out of there within 6 months to a year and then 2 years later your still paying month to month and have nothing to show for your money except the stuff your storing just went way up in value when in reality it probably lost value. Self storage month to month is only good as long as it’s short term self storage.


Now if you have the available space 20 to 40ft length x 10ft width on your residential or business property purchasing a shipping container is a great option! 20, 40, and 45ft shipping containers are the common sizes you can easily have delivered. 10, 48, and 53ft shipping containers are more difficult to find and most of the time more expensive. Purchasing a shipping container allows you to not only own the container but the convenience of your stuff still on your own property. Shipping containers work very well when it comes to self storage, shelving can be easily installed along with partitions so now you can create additional spaces within one space. Truly it’s about how the shipping container can be modified to suit your needs.


If your looking for short term self storage shipping containers can also be rented. Be careful, especially dealing with some of the larger companies out there as renting a shipping container for 6 months to 1 year can be just as expensive as buying your own shipping container then reselling it when you’re done and getting out what you’ve put in.


Container Professionals is a company that has new and used shipping containers for sale across the United States and can help along with delivery in getting a shipping container to your residential or business property. So if you have too much stuff and need some extra self storage and a shipping container seems like it’s the right option for you, call the Pros at Container Professionals! 855-562-3520