Safety Tips for Shipping Container Playhouse

February 13 2017
Safety Tips for Shipping Container Playhouse

Shipping containers can be made into almost anything, and playhouses are a great project for your kids. 

Shipping containers are very versatile. They can be made into restaurants, houses, and even playhouses for your children. But before you create this shipping container into a place where imagination rules, you need to take a few precautions in order to ensure their safety. Here are a few safety tips to keep in mind.

  1. New Shipping Container – If you want a container that is without a doubt safe from chemicals and toxins and any other unknown dangers. By purchasing a new one, you can ensure that your children will not be playing around with any toxic substances and you can start construction on their playhouse the minute it arrives on your driveway (or backyard–depending on where you want to place it).
  2. Insulate and Ventilate – Your kids will not like to play in a playhouse that reaches uncomfortably hot temperatures. Make sure that you add a ventilation system that allows a cool breeze to enter.
    Additionally, you should insulate the playhouse in order to keep the ambient temperature comfortable. It will also keep the playhouse warm during the cold winter months.
  3. Cover/Remove Toxins – Used shipping containers are cheaper, but they can come from unknown sources, thus, harbor chemicals or toxins unbeknownst to you. You need to make sure that your supplier is reliable, if you are unsure, hire a professional to ensure it is safe.
  4. Remove Locks – To prevent your children from accidentally locking themselves in the playhouse, remove all locks and all lock-like apparatuses. This also protects your kids from one another if they pull a nasty prank on themselves. (Kids will be kids.)

Do you need a used shipping container for your next project? Contact Container Professionals to get your hands on a shipping container so that your kids can enjoy their new playhouse!