Top 3 Restaurants Built Inside a Shipping Container

October 17 2016
Shipping Container Restaurant

Recycle, reduce waste, and enjoy dining in a shipping container!

The principles of sustainability are infiltrating businesses all around the world, and budding restaurateurs all around the globe are looking for ways to recycle and reduce waste. Fortunately, you don’t have to scrap your credit cards and live off the land to do just this. More and more restaurants are setting up shops in a shipping container, proven to use less energy and become portable (if and when it’s needed).

Forget the image of a stale and dingy container – these restaurants are sure to change your mind!

The Container of Food

The Container is built from repurposed shipping containers and located at Ska Brewing World Headquarters and services homemade brick oven pizzas, gourmet sandwiches, salads, snacks, and kids options! Taking great pride in their craft beer, the founders wanted the food served to maintain the same standard of high local quality. As a result, the beer is infused in several different recipes throughout their menu.

El Ray

Located in Washington D.C, this rustic restaurant has been a work in progress. The 3,600 square foot restaurant and bar is carved out of 11 shipping containers, with the capacity for 200 people! Now, for the menu: it is taco- and tequila-focused. From tacos to margaritas to Mexican beers, gas heaters will keep these containers toasty in winter so that we can continue to enjoy a summer vibe!

Movement Café

If you hop over the pond, this container restaurant in London is a must-go-to! Originally a pop-up café to spruce up the area around Greenwich rail station for the London Olympics, the Movement Café is a local and tourist favorite! It’s built from recycled shipping containers, reusable scaffolding, and brightly painted wood walls. It was constructed in an impressed 16 days, and serves locally sourced food and drinks, including homemade vegan gelato!

Are you tempted to get your hands on your own shipping container to turn it into something fun? Contact Container Professionals that are here to serve you, your family, or your business!

Image Source: Pinterest