Playground Shipping Container

April 09 2017
Shipping Container Playground

Shipping containers have the ability to be reconstructed into many things that range from restaurants to pop-up stores, but did you know these rectangular parallelepipeds can be transformed into playgrounds, too? 

The reason that many individuals and companies are starting to use shipping containers is because of their ability to be reconstructed, or recycled, into new projects and structures. Many businesses and people use them as restaurants, others as art studios, and some have even discovered that they can be used for playgrounds. Yes, these metallic bins can be used by your children for countless hours of safe and amazing fun.

Shipping containers made into playgrounds? You may think that a shipping container is the last place you want your children to play, but you would be wrong. Shipping containers are virtually indestructible and can be stacked on top of each other like LEGOs. It can leave you with endless possibilities instead of being limited with the rigidity you get from plastic out-of-the-box playgrounds.

These playgrounds have a long-term and positive outcome for children because they aid in the growth and development of children by presenting them with controlled challenges and risks.

Playgrounds constructed from shipping containers are essentially like a blank canvas. The only limit you have is your imagination (and your budget, of course). The slide can face east to avoid the afternoon sun, the monkey bars to the north in order for the sun to be out of the eyes of excited children–the possibility are endless as long as you have the imagination to create!

If you want to save money and give your children a playground they will never forget, give us a call!

Does a shipping container look like it could help you on your next project? Contact Container Professionals to get your hands on a shipping container so that your kids can enjoy their new playground!