Intermodalism and Containerization

March 24 2017

Intermodalism was birthed over 50 years ago with the hopes of being able to take a shipping container fully loaded and moved with ease from ship, to train, to truck. Shipping containers have many nicknames, cargo containers, storage containers, conex containers, ocean containers, and the funniest I’ve heard is, sea can. They are made of 14 gauge-corrugated steel with 1 1/8 inch marine grade plywood flooring. Available sizes are 20ft shipping containers, 40ft shipping containers, 45ft shipping containers, 48ft and 53ft shipping containers. 20ft shipping containers are typically only made standard at 8 1/2ft in height and weighing 5,100 pounds empty. 40ft shipping containers are made both standard at 8 1/2ft in height as well as high cubes which are 9 1/2ft in height and weighing 8,700 pounds empty. 45ft, 48ft, and 53ft are all only made high cube. The two most common and easiest sizes to purchase and have delivered to your residential or business property are 20ft shipping containers and 40ft shipping containers. There are a couple hundred thousand shipping containers that come to the US each year and get left here empty. So if you need extra storage or have a project that requires extra space shipping containers are the perfect solution and Container Professionals Inc. is the company that can help you with all your shipping container needs!