Great Shipping Container Barn Ideas

December 05 2016
Shipping Container Barn

You normally think of barns being constructed of wood, but good quality used shipping containers can save trees and time.

Shipping containers can be used for more than carrying cargo across the entire ocean, they can be used right in your patch of land for a useful and efficient barn. When you think about barns and farms, you may think about red, wooden houses that store equipment, animals, and everything farming-related. But there is always the fear of it catching on fire with its very flammable hay and wood. The fire resistance of a steel container is capable of containing the fire without burning the whole cargo down. Cargo containers are also wind resistant and watertight, which is perfect if you live in a place that has a high risk for storms and tornados.

If you do live in a stormy place, you have to make sure that you cover your containers with the proper protective coating. The oxygen in water oxidizes the metal containers, which deteriorates them away.

Three shipping containers connected through their sides with a shipping container placed on top of the middle one is a great way to construct an honorable and true barn. Some red paint and coating along with a white roof will make it appear like any old farm, only with much better protection from the elements.

Another reason to make your next barn out of used shipping containers is because you save trees. During a time when our planet is being pumped with carbon dioxide at a rate not seen since the extinction of the dinosaurs, we need every tree available to help absorb the CO2.

Do you need a new barn and are thinking of alternative materials from which to construct it? Do you need a used shipping container for your next project? Contact Container Professionals to get your hands on a shipping container so that you can enjoy your new pool!