Forget Food Trucks: Shipping Container Restaurants Are the New Trend

January 17 2017
Forget Food Trucks: Shipping Container Restaurants Are the New Trend

Food trucks had their glory, and now they must give way to the new food trend: shipping containers.

Large metal boxes that are usually reserved for shipping big-ticket items across nations on truly vast ships are surprisingly becoming the hottest new spots to get a meal. That’s right, shipping containers are being built to become the newest trend in food. They are more permanent than pop-up stalls or food trucks, many venues around Canada and France and New York are becoming more and more common throughout the world.

Shipping containers have an advantage over food trucks because they offer a more stable location to their customers. They also offer a bit more space and four walls without investing in an expensive building or restaurant site. It’s a smart way for restaurateurs to get into business cheaply and tap into food trends quickly. The novelty shipping container can draw a crowd, but if it is not so successful, the container can be picked up and relocated to another more suitable location.

When it’s closed, it’s seamless and offers top security and you can dress it up any way you want. When it is open, it is a fully functional restaurant–kitchen and all.

Guillaume Noiseux is the founder of Muvbox, a company that outfits shipping containers with kitchens and unfolding walls (seating for Muvbox restaurants are outdoors).

They and Red Bull Canda joined forces to create Common Goods at Toronto’s Harbourfront Centre this year. It is a combination of three shipping container restaurants, each in its own box.

What better way to get into the food business than with the newest food-stop trend? Do you need a used shipping container for your next project? Contact Container Professionals to get your hands on a shipping container today!