Container professionals, Roll up door for shipping container

November 29 2018

Roll up door for shipping container

When it comes to modifying shipping containers, roll up doors seem to be coming increasingly popular. They allow for easy access from the side of a container to putting them on the opposite end and creating a tunnel to access the shipping container from both ends. If the shipping container is being used for farming equipment such as tractors, trailers, lawnmowers, and even cars accessing the container from both ends really simplifies things!


Roll up doors also work really well with partitions on 40ft shipping containers as you can divide up the container as you see fit. Roll up doors are cost effective and easily installed. Roll up door for shipping containers can range in price depending on the size from $900 – $1,400 installed.

Self storage near me, shipping containers and roll up doors make for the perfect business model!

If you’re looking to have a 20 to 40ft shipping container by itself or modified with roll up doors delivered to your residential or business property, we can help!

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