Backyard Patio Shipping Container

June 06 2017
Backyard Patio Shipping Container

The last place you might imagine a shipping container may be in your backyard, but with a bit of imagination and elbow-grease, it can be your ideal backyard patio. 

Turn a shipping container into the perfect backyard patio for your home. With the right tools and equipment, it can be constructed into a great place to relax while you enjoy the gentle breeze of a calm summer’s night. People look at the metal shipping container and assume that because of the shipping container’s fixed rectangular shape, the exterior has serious limitations on decoration and design.

To make the perfect shipping container backyard patio, you can paint the exterior any color you like–preferably one that matches your backyard theme. You can also cut out a few sections of the container’s walls and replace those sheets of metal with glass panes to create big sliding doors that allow the interior of the shipping container to be inundated with natural light.

The metal inside can be lined with wood paneling in order to scintillate the feeling of warmth and comfort. On these walls, you can hang posters of your favorites movies and bands and natural landscapes to add a splash of personality to your backyard patio.

Using the cut metal parts you took for the sliding doors, you can add a mini patio to extend the shipping container patio. On it, you can place a plant or two along with a few chairs and a small table.

Don’t forget to apply weatherstripping to the borders of the shipping container’s doors/windows. Weatherstripping not only keeps the water out on rainy days, but it also keeps the warm air in during cold days.

Contact Container Professionals to get your hands on a shipping container so that you and your guests can enjoy the new backyard patio!