Art Studio Shipping Container

January 30 2017
shipping container art studio

Container Professionals, Inc. is a great company to build your art studio, and it may not be made of what you think.

Shipping containers can be built into art studios–a great place to paint, mold, play music, and create art of all kinds for any up and coming artist.

Using a twenty (20) foot container, you can easily paint the inside any way you want and paint the outside to match your unique artistic personality–just like your mind, there are endless possibilities. It can match your backyard, or purposely clash. It is yours to do what you wish.

You may not want to feel as if you are trapped in a steel shipping container, so you can also add a sliding door to let in some fresh sunlight and air. Additionally, you can make the sliding doors out of glass to have a permanent source of light (assuming it is daytime). But, sometimes you need solitude to create art and shipping containers can give you all the solitude you need.

You can also install roof vents to allow any dangerous fumes to escape.

If you wish to use your art studio to create acoustic art, you can do that too!

Lacing the walls with soundproof insulation can make your shipping container turned art studio into the perfect place to jam with your friends. A small roof vent is recommended as we know rock ‘n’ roll can be quite the exercise.

To make the floor of your shipping container look like an art studio, you can install hardwood or tile flooring. It is completely up to you–and can be a project you look forward to completing.

Do you need a used shipping container for your next project? Contact Container Professionals to get your hands on a shipping container so that you can enjoy your new art studio!