Advantages to a Shipping Container Pop-Up Shop

February 27 2017
Advantages to a Shipping Container Pop-Up Shop

Shipping containers are useful for their ability to be molded (internally) into any kind of space you wish–and a pop-up shop may give you an advantage over your competitors. 

You may think that building your shop inside of a shipping container may come at a disadvantage, but it may turn out to be a great advantage to which your competitors do not have access. It’s the advantage of a disadvantage. What are the reasons you should want to open up a pop-up shop in a shipping container? Well, here are just a couple of reasons.

Advantages to a Shipping Container Pop-Up Shop

Nike, the sports company most everyone thinks about when you mention sports clothing, designed a repurposed shipping container into a pop-up shop making 38 stops in only 52 days across the U.S.
You can take your product directly to your target market. If you manufacture soccer training gear, open shop next to a practice field. This mobility is an advantage which allows you to spend more time and energy with customers, and less time unpacking boxes and stocking and restocking shelves.

Vertical Space
A good vertical space allows your customers to enter your environment before they even set foot in your retail space. Big tall shipping containers laid vertically can really draw a crowd. You can keep them interested by exhibiting the best you have to offer on your tall walls.

The best part about shipping container pop-up shops is that you can customize it to feel like how you want it to feel without the restrictions of an office. If you can dream it, you can create it.

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