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Container Professionals Inc. is an American company that specializes in the wholesale of new and used shipping containers across the nation and can handle a single container delivered to your residence or business property or we can assist with moving many containers. We prefer self pick up if you can, this also allows you to see you’re shipping container being loaded. If you decide on self pick up please make sure you have the right equipment and licensing and the depots will load the shipping container for you. We have experts standing by to assist with any questions you may have.

Think outside the box because with a shipping container there are so many possibilities. What will you create with your shipping container? Check out our social media accounts, Facebook, Google etc. to see all the different things that can be done with shipping containers.

Absolutely Incredible!

Once your order is placed:

  • Introduction calls
  • Confirm your order
  • Invoice sent via email, fax, or mail.
  • Schedule and confirm transporters
  • Deliver shipping container

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Our recent experience with Container Professionals was one of ease. Everyone we had contact with, was of great assistance and professionalism. To be able to speak with someone during the process of purchase and delivery, was wonderful and a asset to the transaction. It was certainly a pleasure doing business with you all.

I really feel that I got lucky finding Container Professionals, and I just want to say thank you for everything. You have made a stressful situation so much easier for me and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it.

Got the container today and it looks great. It’s been great working with you!

The container meets all of our expectations. I almost wrote exceeds my expectations. Overall the container buying experience was great and everything went well. I highly recommend Container Professionals.

Great experience, super fast service, great follow up, really fast, quality container!