Can a Used 20-Foot Shipping Container Be Used to Grow Food?

October 03 2016
Shipping Container Food Growing

Grow your own – in a 20-foot shipping container.

We’re in the day and age now where more and more families and communities are growing their own greens. From cucumbers to bell peppers to figs to herbs, the trend of growing fresh produce in their own yard has taken off among aware consumers. With the ever-increasing use of pesticides, as well as their harmful effects to humans and the environment, there must be alternative measures to get greens.

If you’re wondering how to grow vegetables in your tiny back garden, fear not. A new wave of innovation is taking off in agriculture: shipping containers. That’s right. A simple 20-foot shipping container can be more than just a place to haul goods. They are now being turned into housing, art, playgrounds, and now, farms. Companies are looking to meet the growing demand for high quality, locally grown, and sustainable produce by farming fruits and vegetables in non-traditional spaces, such as containers.

While starting a farm is a lot to ask of one person, growing fruit and vegetables in a high-tech, used 20-foot shipping container is entirely possible. Along with hydroponics and other longstanding methods to grow plants without soil, technology grows the veggies, automates the work, and reduces waste.

Freight Farms built a completely resourceful farm inside a shipping container. The high-tech hydroponic equipment is capable of producing fresh vegetables and herbs year-round! For those in urban areas where space is limited or those in a drought (hi, California!), this way of using a shipping container is smart and efficient!

Are you eager to try your hand at a sustainable future? Contact Container Professionals to get your hands on a 20-foot shipping container so that you can build your green garden and enjoy more fresh fruits.